Black and natural Vegan Barchette pasta served with asparagus and tomatoes

Barchette makes a great picnic or summer brunch option

You know when you're in-between produce seasons, when the asparagus has hit the shops already but tomatoes aren't really in season? Well this is where I found myself recently.....I had some cherry toms next to the fruit bowl and some asparagus in the fridge. Both were not at peak condition but I don't want to throw them out... so I made this vegan pasta salad as a quick and easy solve. Delicious!

Here's what I used:

  • Barchette ( I used some Cruella Barchette)
  • Sliced garlic ( 2 medium cloves)
  • Cherry toms
  • Red pepper flakes (sprinkle)
  • EV Olive Oil
  • Meyer Lemon Olive Oil light drizzle (I used Olive This and Olive That)
  • Asparagus (cut into 2 inch lengths)
  • Fresh mint and chives
  • Salt + pepper

Cook the pasta as per the instructions and once done, strain and lightly coat with lemon Meyer olive oil before cool on tray sheet. Don't place in the fridge as you want this room temp.

Heat EV olive oil in a skillet and add the sliced garlic and add the tomatoes on a medium heat, add red pepper flakes and some salt and cook until toms are soft and start to collapse. Add the asparagus and red pepper flakes to the garlic and tomatoes and make sure everything is coated and combined. Cook for a couple of minutes until the asparagus has softened slightly but still has a slight bite to it.

Remove from heat and gently combine with the pasta in a bowl making sure everything is combined, add salt and pepper to taste.

Plate up, sprinkle with your favorite soft herbs and enjoy.


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