Why are you more expensive than other shop bought pasta?

We are different from the shop bought fresh pasta. Firstly, our pasta is actually ‘fresh’ and secondly, we make different shapes which are not automated. We are not looking to compete with the brands that sell packaged ravioli in the grocery store, Plant Dazzler makes a different product. It’s plant based (egg and dairy free), shaped by hand, and produced in the shapes and fillings you normally see in fancy restaurants. I intend to pay myself a living wage and we have very low margins.

Why do you only produce 1 day a week?

Right now i am a one person show so I have to manage my time and have set production days. As we scale, I’m looking to have more production days and hopefully hire a team.

What happens if you’re sold out of an item?

Inventory gets refreshed the day after production so you’ll be able to order for the following week. Ordering days are Friday through the end of Monday for a Thursday pick up. I don’t want to receive orders for more than I can physically make right now because that would mean a poor customer experience. 

Do you deliver?

Not yet but we will soon. For now, I’m asking you to pick up the pasta from our HQ but we are looking at collaborating with a delivery service to reach more people

What does plant based mean?

For us, plant based means no dairy or eggs. For fats we use olive or canola oil and we use an almond puree to add creaminess to our food. We don’t use an egg substitute for the pasta. 

Are you Vegan?

I’m vegetarian. I eat butter and eggs but do not eat red or white meat. I am also lactose intolerant and so cream and most dairy is a no no.

What does Dazzler mean?

There is a phrase from the North of England (where i am from): 

Bobby Dazzler: which means:

‘A person or thing that is outstanding or excellent’

I introduced this to my team in my last job and it became a ‘thing’. When I left my job to start Plant Dazzler, my friend Laura suggested I use Dazzler in the name… and that’s how it started.