Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy:

Hand crafted food made with intention, care, and with the philosophy of versatility. It also happens to be plant based.


I am not a meal planner, (I’ve tried, and failed), instead I prefer to have versatile products that can be used for multiple dishes.

Pesto can be used as a pasta sauce, as a base on avocado toast, and also as a topping on roasted or grilled veggies. It’s a real 3 in 1. Same for tomato sauce. Use it as is, add olives for a salty kick, or mushrooms for a chewy texture. 

For the pasta, same deal. It’s like denim, you can dress it up or keep it casual depending on the event. 

This is how I prefer to roll when I’m thinking about groceries or dinner, so when I was planning Plant Dazzler, this is what I wanted it to be.

Our Brand Pillars



We make everything in house from locally sourced produce. We work on tight margins but I do (or will) pay myself a living wage. I say ‘we’ but it’s just me right now.

My costings are pretty simple, We are small batch producers and we don’t buy our fresh produce at huge scale right now. 

I cost out my time at $15.00 / hour (minimum wage in SF is $16.32) and I work on around a +/-50% margin which covers my kitchen rental, insurance, gas prices. 

Clearly, I’m doing this for the love of making pasta and not because I want to become rich. My aim is to make a living doing something I love.

Zero Waste:

It’s really important to me that we are as zero waste as possible.

We only make what you order, we don’t wholesale and have product stuck on shelves. If we have anything left over from our production days, I pop it in the freezer and it’s used for photography or my own lunch or dinner.

Once we begin to scale, any leftover product will be donated as whole portions to local food programs.

Our packaging is ‘mostly compostable’ ( I say ‘mostly’ because the stickers are not because we would have incurred HUGE minimums of 50k piece orders). The stickers are however easy peel so can be removed from the boxes and jars and recycled. Our lids, boxes and parchment paper are from Good Start Packaging and they are freezer friendly. 

For the moment we have our sauces in jars which you can either keep or return for re use. I’m looking for other solutions to avoid using glass.


Our product is a luxury product, it’s hand made and it takes time to create which is reflected in the cost. 

I don’t want to cheapen the ingredients or pay myself less than a living wage and I don’t want to use wasteful packaging.