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  • Barchette vegan pasta
  • Vegan Barchette pasta served with Pumpkin seed pesto and fresh herbs
  • Vegan Barchette pasta
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Like an origami pasta boat, these shapes are a new discovery for me but look to be a firm favorite. It's the same size as a Garganelli but shaped in a different way. It's delicate but precise and looks beautiful when served.


Pasta: Semolina flour, OO flour, water, olive oil, turmeric

Allergens: Contains wheat


4 oz = 1 serving / 1 order (about 30 pieces)

Sold Frozen


Serving suggestions;

‘I have no time’ : drizzle with your favorite olive oil and crack some pepper on top. Another idea is the cook it up, cool it and add it to a salad. It’s also a great vinaigrette tube.

‘I have some time’: Heat through one of our sauces and add the cooked pasta to sauce, add some chopped parsley or torn basil, a quick splash of olive oil, black pepper and salt to taste. This pasta will work well with the pesto or the tomato sauce

‘I have loads of time’: Sauté some vegetables in a little olive oil and garlic, cook until nicely cooked through, add the cooked pasta with a little of the pasta water and gently move around the pan to coat the pasta. Keep combining a little water to the sauce until you get a ‘creamy’ texture, it can take a couple of minutes. Taste and season where necessary with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes or lemon zest.