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Plant Dazzler

Faggottini with Potato, pesto and mint

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Inspired by the intricate and yes, fiddly shape to make, these delicate dough pyramids are filled with potato, pesto, ricotta and mint combined into a luxurious filling.

These flavor parcels hold their shape beautifully when cooked and deliver on flavor.

I like to keep the serving simple with a drizzle flavored olive oil, a blob of miso butter, or a swirl of pesto.



Pasta: Semolina Flour, OO Flour, Water, EV Olive Oil. 

Filling: Potato, Pesto (basil, spinach, pumpkin seeds, lemon zest, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, canola oil) Almond ricotta, (almonds, water, citric acid, salt), fresh mint

Allergens: Contains Nuts and Wheat


6oz = 1 serving / 1 order


Serving suggestions;

‘I have no time’ : Drizzle with your favorite olive oil and crack some pepper on top. A flavored olive oil works really well here. I love a Meyer Lemon version.

‘I have some time’: This shape works really well with pesto or a miso butter. Something simple to accentuate the filling. 

‘I have loads of time’: Roast up some 'firmer' veggies like sprouts, cauliflower or broccoli in olive oil, salt and pepper until golden and slightly caramelized. Keep warm until the pasta is cooked.

Once the pasta is cooked and ready, gently toss it in olive oil and season with some chilli flakes or seasoned salt and build a plate with the roasted veggies and the pasta so that each taste has a pasta bite with a veggie. Sprinkle with fresh basil or mint and feel free to scatter some toasted nuts like walnuts or pistachios. You're looking for a mixture of textures to complete the experience.