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  • Veggie filled hand shaped pasta
  • Roasted vegetables with herbs
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Harissa Veg Tortelli

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There is something comforting about a bowl of roasted vegetables. They're soft in the centre, with a crunchy texture to the outside and they can have a nice complex flavor.

Here we've roasted potatoes, rainbow carrots and red onion roasted with Chimichurri herbs and then blended with a smoky harissa, giving a deliciously gentle mouth buzz, perfect for those that like some heat. 

I chose Tortelli as the shape as it's a pretty, yet plump, filled shape, with angles and a curve. It's also lovely to shape. 



Pasta: Semolina Flour, OO Flour, Water, Olive Oil, Turmeric

Filling: Potatoes, red onion, carrots, olive oil, salt, chimichurri, harissa paste

Allergens: Wheat, Onions

6oz = 1 serving / 1 order

Sold frozen


Serving suggestions;

‘I have no time’ : drizzle with your favorite olive oil and crack some pepper on top

‘I have some time’: Heat through one of our sauces and add the cooked pasta to sauce, add some chopped parsley or torn basil, a quick splash of olive oil, black pepper and salt to taste. Tomato works well with this pasta.

‘I have loads of time’: Sauté some chopped mushrooms (crimini or button work) in a little olive oil and garlic, cook until nicely cooked through, add the cooked pasta with a little of the pasta water and gently move around the pan to coat the pasta. Keep combining a little water to the sauce until you get a ‘creamy’ texture, it can take a couple of minutes. You can also add some arugula or baby spinach at this stage as well.

Taste and season where necessary with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes or lemon zest.