• "These are restaurant quality pasta dishes that you can have on your table in minutes. Vegan? I didn’t even notice."

  • "Absolutely delicious pasta. The filling, the texture combinations—everything was perfect!"

  • "Wow!! Whole fam absolutely loved everything, especially the Ric Spin. So tangy & light. 

    My son is a pesto fiend & adored yours! "

  • “The texture of the Barchette was incredible. It's better than non-vegan pastas”

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Event: 9/29 Pasta tasting

Join is for an evening of Pasta and Olive oil pairings at Olive This Olive That in Noe Valley, San Francisco on 9/29/22. Click below for tickets.

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Hand Crafted Foods ~ 100% Plant Based

Egg and dairy free fresh pasta, seasonal sauces and pantry essentials made from locally sourced produce.

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Cooking Instructions

Our pasta takes 3-4 minutes to cook from fresh or frozen. For more details on the ‘What’ and ’How’, click below