Hand Crafted Essentials that 'happen' to be Plant-Based

  • Pumpkin Seed Pesto

    We add fresh spinach and basil together with pumpkin seeds to make a beautiful jewel toned paste. In goes the lemon zest, and garlic with a quick blitz and then slowly we add the oil to turn it from a paste to a rich textured pesto. Perfect for spreading, spooning or dipping. Enjoy!

  • Slow Cooked Tomato Sauce

    Ahh tomato sauce, a pantry essential for multiple dishes. Approach this one as a foundational item, a simple star. Want some extra salt? add olives, or capers, need some heat? Chuck in the chilli, need something extra? Roast up some red onions…. Which ever way you go…our slow cook sauce has your back.

  • Mushroom Ragu 'Magu'

    I couldn't find a good veggie Ragu that checked the boxes of richness, flavor and texture, so I decided to develop my own that would work with pasta, spooned on top of mash potato, or layered in a lasagne. 

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  • “The texture of the Barchette was incredible. It's better than non-vegan pastas”

  • "The Magu was sublime"

  • "These are restaurant quality pasta dishes that you can have on your table in minutes. Vegan? I didn’t even notice."

  • "The pesto was lemony and bright and such a great compliment to everything I put it on. Best pesto I’ve ever had."

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